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Welcome to the Transformers: Prime Fanon WikiEdit

Hi everyone! This is the Transformers: Prime fanon wiki. If you have ever had trouble finding somewhere to post your stories, videos, or whatever, you can do it here! There are just a few rules, so be sure to follow them:

1. If you post stories, please don't have them with content that isn't suitable for young viewers. 2. When you edit pages, please don't make worthless edits! Grammatical error fixes aren't worthless, but please, don't do anything that isn't right! 3. No bad language is allowed. Bad language can earn you a ban, which you don't want. 4. No spam pages or changing other peoples' stories or pages without permission! Please, help us keep our wiki clean and without spam or unfair editing!

That's it! Follow these rules, and you'll fit in quite nicely!

Also, this wiki is only for fanfiction related to Transformers: Prime. If you wish to view all content related Transformers: Prime and the Aligned Continuity, check out Transformers: Prime Wiki.

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