Transformers: Prime/Bolt is a parody between the television series, Transformers: Prime and the Walt Disney film Bolt.


A young human boy named Jack Darby buys a robot that can transform into an ordinary vehicle named Optimus Prime. The two then become part of a TV show in which Optimus believes the sets for the episodes there are real. But he doesn't realize that he and Jack are just actors. They perform an episode one night, where Jack is captured by the evil Megatron, who Optimus believes the world is attack by. But the 'Bot goes missing whilst trying to rescue his owner. On his quest to find his partner, Optimus runs into another Autobot named Elita-One and a Rescue Bot named Heatwave. The trio race to save the day and Jack in this action-packed, fun-filled adventure. Will Optimus discover that he is just an actor or will he believe the whole TV thing is real forever? Find out in this fantastic mind-blowing adventure. 



Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime

Jack Cooso as Rafael Raf Esquivel

Micheal Davis as Megatron

Zoe Archibald as Raph's agent