Physical AppearanceEdit

Tony has dark brown hair with beard and mustache that of the same color and blue eyes.

His attire consists of a black shirt with the arc reactor glowing under it. He also wears a gray jacket, black pants, and shoes.

As Iron Man, he wears a red and yellow colored high tech armor.


Tony is your typical playboy billionaire who has a flair for showing off sometimes. However, he has shown himself to be a decent and smart man who is willing to help others in need.


Peter Parker/Spider-Man Peter is a big fan of Tony Stark. One Halloween, Peter dressed up as Iron Man. When they first met, with Peter as Spider-Man, Iron Man didn't think he was a good guy. But after helping him defeat Ghost, Iron Man began to see Spider-Man as an ally. Tony believes Peter has great potential.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Genius Intellect: Tony is highly intelligent which is what lead him to become the CEO of Stark Industries and create his Iron Man armor.