Overview: Edit

Nightzainus Prime is an OC of mine (Radgirl19), she is mostly Transformers Prime and Robots in disguise universe. And will have her own story and be in other Transformers universes. Despite this, her backstory will remain the same in each universe.

There is no story for her yet, but I am working on it. And when it is ready, I will link it on here.

Biography: Edit

Nightzainus Prime is as her name implies a Prime and the heir to Optimus Prime. However unlike her predecessor, she hasn't learned how to be a Prime yet and received the Matrix at a young age. And she acts nothing like her predecessor. She is sarcastic, laid back and doesn't seek a higher purpose in life. She also doesn't believe in the legend of the Primes, despite being one. However, she plans to be "the best Prime she can be," as she tells everyone.