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Ahsoka in torned-princess outfit

Ahsoka is the daughter of Arendelle and the commander of The Autobots. She was born as a human robot, and created by Ratchet. Optimus raised her as his human friend. Ahsoka met Jack, Miko, and Raf when she arrived on Earth. She likes to work together with Optimus, Bumblebee, and Ultra Magnus.

Ahsoka was left alone by her mother when she was a baby. Her hometown was raided by Megatron and MECH. Her father had fought and was killed by Silas. Her mother has been missing since she was a child. She was living in a destroyed orphanage when Optimus found her. Now, she is a senator of Primes.

She died after she put Optimus' hand on her soul gem. into broken pieces, She was despair after Optimus' death and she has transformed into a witch unlike Unicorn.

When Optimus is accidental kills Ahsoka into her chest after her right eye is bleeding, She is really embrace Optimus and she died into ashes after her reborn.

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Me as Kanna crystals dress

Ahsoka In Season 1 outfit


Ahsoka's Symbol Badge

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Ahsoka's robot form